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From:Friday, May 19, 2006 3:31 PM +0200
Subject:Ny version - FirstClass 8.2 

This is an announcement of the general availability (GA) of FirstClass 8.2 for Windows and OS X platforms. It is a recommended update for all FirstClass 8.1 sites.

The new product versions are:
FirstClass Server 8.2 Build 323 for Windows
FirstClass Tools 8.2 Build 8.323 for Windows
FirstClass Internet Services Build 8.094 for Windows

FirstClass Server 8.2 Build 326 for Mac OS X
FirstClass Tools 8.2 Build 8.323 for Mac OS X
FirstClass Internet Services Build 8.094 for Mac OS X

FirstClass Client 8.200 for Windows


FirstClass 8.2 server components are available, to customers who have a valid maintenance and support contract, for immediate download from the FirstClass online server FCOL (fc.firstclass.com).

To renew or purchase your M&S contract, please contact your regional Sales Support Center listed at the end of this bulletin.

Windows server

Mac OS X server

The US English language FirstClass Client 8.200 is available for immediate download from FCOL, and publicly available via the FirstClass web site.


Please review the “ReadMe First” text and FirstClass 8.2 Upgrade Instructions thoroughly, before proceeding with the software installation.

New Product Features, Fixes, and Enhancements

FirstClass Server Features and Fixes
This server has an "undelete on move" feature, to support the Windows 8.2 Client "Trash Can" feature. Deleted items can now be moved (dragged) by the client while deleted. When the item is moved, it is also undeleted at the same time. The move source can also be a search results list.
• Resolved a number of false error cases resulting in issues such as unexpected 4105 errors and mirroring issues.
• Removed a duplicate requeue of failed mirror operations that could lead to repeated mirror faults.
Improvements to mirror fault reporting.
• Improved some problems in error-handling cases when attempting to create objects, that could result in a physical files that already exist being deleted, and a secondary problem that resulted from that, of an ENINFO file being created within another ENINFO folder.
• Resolved a number of server crashes including damaged attachment lists in messages or a user's resume.
• Fixed a problem with "out of sequence" and "bad CRC" errors on TCP streams when there was a delay between the FCP packet header and the rest of the packet data.  Fixes some false 1027 cases when the network is in really, really bad or slow, but where the data is actually getting through very slowly.
• Fixed database extension support to avoid double registration of extension services (FCAS).
• Sub-admins are no longer sent to DS for validation when external authentication is enabled.
• Fixes for customizable calendar fields.  Initial settings will be those of the creator's (except for the reminder).
• Update newly-added calendar item participants' "busy times" first.  Other participants/resources will continue to update as before.
• When admins are authenticated locally, suppress the "Using cached authentication" report.
• Removed "send layout" debugging messages from Search code.
• The Show Free Memory output is now a normal server report, including timestamps.
Fixed a grammatical typo in the server monitor code.
• Fixed an issue where logins could fail if saved passwords were not permitted, even if the correct password was given and not saved.
• Improved the handling of errors when copying damaged attachments.
• Fixed Chat so that only the moderator can toggle the Enable Catch Up and Save Transcript options.
• Fixed folder attribute inheritance to exclude the desktop. This means that folders created on the desktop will not inherit the layout attributes of the desktop.
• Fixed possible concurrency problems with the use of worker threads to provide asynchronous encryption operations during logins and other times.
• Fixed a crash reporting the VS packet overflow.
• Fixed a a crash reading a volume.fid file if the FID information was damaged such that the FID records contain a parentage loop.
• Fixed a crash in the relaying of data to FCAS, in cases of large transfers (e.g. multi-packet batch admin replies) where the first packet was not handled correctly.
• The server now uses two sizes for file buffers -- one for ENINFO files (16K) and one for all other files (4K).
• Fixed a problem where both normal and large file buffer sizes would jump to 64K after startup.
• The file buffer limit is now soft -- we always try to allocate a minimum buffer of 4K, even if we're over the limit.
• To calculate a rough number of open files to buffer, the server now uses a factor of 5 per session plus 500 (instead of 16 per session).  This is more representative of most sites and helps account for orgdir and group models overhead, etc.
• If memory is tight on the server machine, it uses minimum buffering (4K per file, if available).  Otherwise a limit of #sessions * 5 * 16K, up to 20% of available memory.  
• The server now only copies group membership when creating conferences and when performing a tree copy (folders & conferences).
• Replaced case-sensitive references to files such as "Volume.fid" that did not work on case-sensitive file systems.
• [OS X Only] Fixed a subtle UNIX-specific problem that caused FCAS against Linux or OS X servers to be unable to retrieve priv groups.
• [OS X Only] Fixed a hang during server startup on OS X and Linux caused by a timing problem where a server task might hang on the first disk operation that used a worker thread.
• [OS X Only] Relaxed the check on object creates from gateways to only apply to GUI clients (FCAS fix).
• [OS X Only] Fallback to the current session context if the first recipient of a late commit fails (FCAS fix).

FirstClass Tools Features and Fixes
• The FID parentage loop fix above will allow FC Tools to recognize and repair such loops.
• [Windows Only] The network sessions form now supports more than 2500 sessions when the VLS license is installed.
• [OS X Only] Additional fixes for case-sensitive file systems.

FirstClass Internet Services Features and Fixes
• Fix for various inbound SMTP crash.
• Added some crash prevention code to the quoted-printable encoder.
• Fixed cases of infinite loop and added some buffer overflow protection.
• Fix for CRLF's been stripped from message body when retrieved by Entourage.
• Various fixes for embedded images.
• Fixed background color synchronization when document background is not white.
• Improved processing of text background colors in table cells.
• Fixed top/bottom margin support when parsing HTML.
• Added support for horizontal rule spacing.
• Various HTML background color fix.
• Added a level 5 debug statement that includes the name for each filter document when IS is starting or processing the Get Config command.
• Various HTTP server performance improvements.
• Adjusted some log levels upwards: MakeSessionKey:, GetSessionHost:, FindSession:, FindSessionKey:, GetMySessionKey: and GetAuthorizationValues: logging messages have been adjusted from level 2 to level 6 or 7.
• Fixed display of GB2312 messages via the web.
• Added extra ISAPI debug output.
• Processing of remote names for sites with no domains is now consistent during dynamic updates.
• Rejigged address processing when AliasOnly is set (now done by nametrans).
• Fixed a case where the primary site didn't get initialized when the alias sync was blank.
• Fixed problems with winmail.dat handling that skipped some embedded attachments; enhanced the code to always use the long attachment name and MIME type (if present).
• Always send X-Mailer/X-Newsreader header (includes release and build #s).
• Stripped trailing characters off inbound HTTP Content-Type header (support for Nokia phones).
• Fixed inbound translation of unicode euro entity.
• Fixed how "__WWW" is inserted in URLs when accessing authenticated content from the unauthenticated domain. Extra checks to ensure that this element is not inserted in requests for the icons, pictures, sounds, images & .templates folders.
• Stop an update for converted images in the cache if the original is locked. Added extra debug info if the update fails.
• Fix missing blank lines decoding quoted-printable text/plain message parts.
• Avoid listing personal IMAP subscriptions in the shared namespace (#ftp).
• Fixed NAMESPACE output that caused sync problems for IMAP clients.
• Fixed to the mail rules @rcptto function so it will work more than once.
• Fixed possible duplicate free issue when evaluating pre/post increment/decrement operations in IS script/mail rules.
• Fix mangled characters when top level charset is UTF-8.
• Fixed font sizing on inbound SMTP.
• Restore setting the foundAlias flag when returning the alias. Fixes output problems in the Finger and LDAP servers and incorrectly reporting valid recipients as invalid in the SMTP server when Inbound mail addressing is set to Aliases Only.
• The LDAP server now returns an error code in cases where v3 clients are sending requests before binding (logging in). Fixes interoperability problems with the Microsoft Entourage Addressbook (and possibly others).
• For LDAP v3 responses, translate names into UTF-8.
• Don't search aliases unless the LDAP filter includes the mail term. Should reduce redundant output for some searches (the advanced searches in the MS address book app, for example).
• [OS X Only] Added alternate signal for task list display (SIGVTALRM).
• [OS X Only] Fix mangled From: names as seen on some OS X sites.

Web Templates Features and Fixes

Standard 8.2 R2
• Fixed HTTP Script errors when viewing a monthly calendar in Enhanced mode.
• Fixed empty "Go To" drop-down menu in unauthenticated mode when toolbars type is set to Top/Bottom Text.
• Fixed wrong paging in Web Help.
• Fixed appearance of conference items in both, upper and lower, panes.
• Fixed broken upload when toolbars menu is set to Text Top.
• Fixed wrong tooltip for Pause icon in a Chat.
• Fixed HTTP Script errors when opening a Conference permissions form.
• Fixed occasional bad rendering of list view in Enhanced mode using Firefox browser.
• Fixed wrong display of "My Organization" in Directory drop-down menu Show.

ScreenReader 8.2 R2
• Fixed Calendar event reminder problem.
• Fixed Start Time for a calendar task issue.
• Fixed Options for items in Search results problem.
• Fixed Voice menu language setting error.
• Fixed Start Time for Voice Greetings problem.
• Fixed broken checkbox "Suppress message envelope" in Preferences.
• Added a "Cancel" button to Invite window.
• Fixed an issue when Run rules command was not suppressed correctly in folders.

Mobile 8.2 R1
• Fixed Calendar event reminder issue.
• Fixed collapsed threads problem.

Windows Client Features and Fixes
• The Preferences form now has options on the General tab to chose a new Outlook-style Mail form and a new Outlook-style Mailbox style.  The Outlook-style Mailbox can only be seen in Explore View.
• The Toolbars and many of the icons have been changed. If your Toolbar has been customized you will have to Reset the Toolbar to see this.  
• Some of the Toolbar buttons, such as New and Reply, now have a dropdown. If your Toolbar has been customized you will have to Reset the Toolbar to see this.  
• When creating a New Message, dropdown addressing will dynamically do lookups of the Directory while the user types in the To, Cc and Bcc fields.
• Clicking the To, Cc and Bcc buttons will open the Directory.
• The Calendar now has a Work Week View.
• In Explore view, a graphical Desktop appears on login.
• In Explore view, a Navigation bar now appears on the bottom of the left pane. Dragging the divider up will display 6 buttons.
• In Explore view, containers with Unread items are now Bold in the left pane. The Unread message(s) are also bold in the upper right pane (Preview)
• A Deleted Items folder will appear on the Desktop the first time the Client is run in Explore View.  Items can be dragged into and out of this trash can. Only items in containers owned by the user will appear in the Deleted Items.
• On the Preferences form, Viewing tab, there is now an option for "Double click in explorer tree opens a new window".
• Some Toolbars have been updated to include more buttons.
• There is now a "Create Mail To" button on the Contact Database Toolbar.
• Now able to see and edit the text entered on either the Application rules form or the Receive rules form when Generate reply or Automatically reply is chosen as the Action.
• Calendar in Day view now redraws correctly after modifying the All Day Event pane.
• In Explore view, the Mailbox Toolbar now has a full set of buttons.
• Search results no longer appear twice or more times in the list.

FirstClass 8.1 End of Life

End of life (EOL) is the discontinuance of new SPs (service packs) and quality enhancements for a product. The EOL for FirstClass 8.1 Server, Internet Services, and client is coincident with the release of FirstClass 8.2 Server, Internet Services, and client.

Customer Support of EOL FirstClass Releases

FirstClass Division policy is to provide Customer Support services for an EOL product that is not older than two major releases of a current shipping product. Specifically, the Customer Support Center will provide administrator support for FirstClass 8.1 and FirstClass 8.0. Customers on earlier releases will be requested to upgrade to FirstClass 8.0 (or later) as the initial step to resolving site issues.

Contact Information


To purchase a FirstClass product or user licenses, please contact our Sales Department.

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Sales Support

To renew or purchase your M&S contract, contact your regional Sales Support center.
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Customer Support

Site administrators should contact their regional customer support center, if technical assistance is required.

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